Our BMW Financing Solutions Provide You Access to the Perfect Vehicle

Wondering how you're going to pay off the shiny new BMW that's calling your name? Here at Gebhardt BMW, we work hard to price our BMW models competitively, ensuring that what you pay for your next BMW in Boulder is fair. We also work hard to provide the BMW loan and lease deals you require to make paying off the BMW of your dreams feasible! Explore our financing solutions below to learn more, and don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

Where Can I Buy or Lease a BMW near Boulder?

If you're looking for a fantastic deal on your next BMW, look no further than Gebhardt BMW. We're well-stocked with a wide range of new and pre-owned BMW models, including popular choices like the BMW 3 Series, the BMW X3 SAV, and the BMW Z4 roadster. Whichever BMW it is that you most desire, we can provide it for you in an affordable manner thanks to our financing and lease solutions. When you finance your next BMW with us, whether you buy or lease, you'll enjoy competitively-low interest rates, honest, up-front negotiations, and a no-hassle experience.

Compare Buying vs. Leasing

Buying and leasing are just two ways to pay for the value of your next BMW. But buying and leasing have some key differences that make each ideal for a different kind of customer. Here's an overview of each financing solution and why you might prefer it over the alternative.


  • Benefits of Buying: When you buy your next BMW, you can take it anywhere, anytime, because you won't have any mileage restrictions. If you buy it new, you'll enjoy competitive new car warranty coverage and plentiful features. And once you pay it off, you'll only be responsible for any out-of-pocket repairs – not monthly payments.
  • Benefits of Leasing: When you lease your next BMW, you'll be financing a portion of its value for a pre-determined amount of time. When that time is up, unlike with buying, you return your vehicle. Leasing, though, often gives you access to the latest safety features and technologies, since you're driving a new car typically every 2-3 years. What's more, leasing is usually cheaper month to month.


Explore Our Financing Solutions Online

Interested in exploring our financing solutions, including any current limited-time financing deals and specials designed to help you save even more on your next BMW lease or purchase? Browse our online finance center today, and reach out to us with questions.

Pre-Qualify or Apply for Financing

You can pre-qualify for financing online. You can value your trade-in online. You can estimate your monthly payments online. You can even apply for financing online, from the comfort of home! When looking to finance your next BMW near Boulder or Longmont, explore our online finance center first.

Contact Us With Questions

When you've combed through our online finance center and explored your options, if you still have questions, get in touch with us! You can do so either online or by phone. Alternatively, for an even more personalized financing experience, take a visit to our dealership finance center in-person to speak with one of our finance staff.

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