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Transaction Based Market Pricing

What is Transaction Based Market Pricing?

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Virtually all dealers offer you two types of pricing: either "Negotiation Pricing" or so called "One Price" pricing. We have found that our customers do not like the process of back and forth negotiating ... it makes people extremely uncomfortable! The "One Price" pricing is an arbitrary price based upon what the dealer says is the one price ... in other words, the dealer sets the price that's good for the dealer.


At Gebhardt BMW, we offer Transaction Based Market Pricing (TBMP). TBMP takes the prices that vehicles actually sell for and provides you that price "UP-FRONT" eliminating the uncomfortable negotiation process. Now you can rest assured that the price you pay is the same as your neighbor or a person on the other side of Denver. A great price based upon what others are paying in the marketplace. Where does the TBMP come from? Gebhardt BMW subscribes to an independent service that supplies transaction data based upon actual consumer purchases.


We give you the TBMP pricing up front in a simple, no hassle, respect for you and your time manner. At Gebhardt BMW, we make buying a new car fun! You get a great price on the car you want; and you'll never pay too much!


We're not a gigantic "Big Box" store! We are a small, family owned and locally operated boutique BMW store.


If you're tired of the oversized, overpriced mega dealers, we're the place for you!


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