when should i get my oil change

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When Should I Get My Oil Change?

Importance of Regular Oil Change Service

The BMW oil change service should never be overlooked. When the oil change is neglected, the engine no longer runs efficiently and auto repair becomes imminent. When should I get my oil change? It depends on the type of vehicle you drive and what motor oil you are using. At Gebhardt BMW, we look at the most common oil change intervals, so you can better care for your vehicle. Schedule service with our certified technicians today in Boulder, Colorado.

Types of Motor Oil

When should I get my oil change? If you use conventional oil in your BMW or you drive an older car, you might need service every 3,000 miles. It’s also important to perform frequent oil level checks to avoid automotive repair. Additionally, if you drive a high-mileage vehicle, it might be recommended that you change the oil more frequently. You can find the appropriate interval in the maintenance schedule outlined in your car owner’s manual.

If you are running a synthetic blend or full synthetic oil, you should be able to drive your car longer between service. In many cases, these vehicles can run 7,500 miles or longer when properly cared for. If you have a newer car, you want to use these synthetic oils to ensure proper lubrication of the precious engine components. If you aren’t sure what to use, speak with the professionals at our expert shop in Boulder.

Oil Change Service Explained

When should I get my oil change and what happens during the service? If you follow the recommendations laid out above, you will visit our BMW Service Center throughout the year. During this service, you can expect us to drain out all of the contaminated oil. We also replace the oil filter to ensure that debris and dirt are kept far from the engine. However, because we care about providing superior car care services, we go above and beyond what other repair shops offer.

During your visit, we perform a quick inspection of your entire vehicle. We check to ensure that all of the fluids are topped off and look for any issues that must be dealt with. Our team also checks the tire pressures, because we don’t want you driving on under- or over-inflated tires. You know that our team always treats you as if you were a part of the family, keeping you safer on the road while also prolonging the life of your luxury car.

Expert Care for Your BMW

When should I get my oil change? You should always follow the vehicle’s manufacturer guidelines, all of which are outlined in your owner’s manual. If you aren’t sure how to care for your BMW or you need to schedule an appointment, reach out to Gebhardt BMW in Boulder, Colorado. Our team is ready to provide all of your car’s maintenance and repair needs for less.