Why Buy Certified Pre-Owned

Why buy a Certified Pre-Owned BMW from Gebhardt BMW? Serving Boulder & Denver, CO

A Certified Pre-Owned BMW from Gebhardt BMW is one of the smartest buys on the road today. After all, it's a legendary BMW - a drive like no other. The Gebhardt BMW Certified Pre-Owned program presents an excellent opportunity for you to get behind the wheel of that special BMW. What's more, at Gebhardt BMW, buying a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is an experience that will be as smooth and enjoyable as the vehicle you've selected. So check out the benefits of Gebhardt BMW's Certified Pre-Owned program, and then stop by Gebhardt BMW and experience all the joys of a Certified Pre-Owned BMW.

What qualifies a BMW to become a Certified Pre-Owned BMW?
Only the best pre-owned BMWs qualify for the Certified Pre-Owned BMW Vehicle Program. The Certification is comprehensive, the criteria are rigorous and the process is meticulously performed. Would you expect anything less from BMW?

When you look at a Certified Pre-Owned BMW, you'll appreciate these critical facts:    It's a recent BMW model with less than 60,000 miles.
  •     It has been thoroughly inspected by a BMW trained Technician.
  •     The BMW Certified Pre-Owned Protection Plan provides coverage for 1 year with unlimited miles (whichever comes first) from the                expiration of the 4 year/50,000-mile BMW New Vehicle/SAV Limited Warranty.
  •     It's backed by a nationwide network of BMW centers.
And since new BMW vehicles came with free maintenance and timely service reminders under the BMW Ultimate Service Program™, you can be confident knowing that your Certified Pre-Owned BMW has been well-maintained by the previous owner.

Standing up under scrutiny
Once a vehicle is selected as a candidate for Certification, it must undergo a comprehensive inspection process by a BMW trained Technician. Systems and components ranging from engine performance to the operation of the glovebox are checked. Particular attention, of course, is devoted to safety-related items, from tire tread depth to seatbelt function to the operation of the brake lights. Everything must work according to BMW specifications. Of course, all scheduled maintenance is also brought up to date. Next, the vehicle is road-tested to ensure that its performance is everything an owner of a BMW would expect. If something is not right, it is fixed. If it cannot be fixed, the car cannot become a Certified Pre-Owned BMW.

Even the vehicle's history is inspected
Finally, every Certified Pre-Owned BMW receives a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™ to help ensure that the vehicle has an unblemished history at the time of Certification. Talk about peace of mind - you'll be reassured by a CARFAX Report. And you'll be confident knowing it is Certified by BMW.

A protection plan designed to keep you smiling
The Certified Pre-Owned BMW Protection Plan has been designed to give you peace of mind, so you can enjoy every moment behind the wheel of your BMW. Here's what you get.

The BMW Certified Pre-Owned Protection Plan provides coverage for 1 year with unlimited miles (whichever comes first) from the expiration of the 4 year/50,000-mile BMW New Vehicle/SAV Limited Warranty.
When you acquire a Certified Pre-Owned BMW, your vehicle will be covered by a 2-year/50,000-mile Certified Pre-Owned BMW Limited Warranty that takes over when the original 4-year/50,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires.* The Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty covers a wide range of vehicle components, including the engine, powertrain, electrical system, climate control and more.* It's administered by BMW of North America, LLC, which ensures that covered repairs will be performed by BMW trained Technicians using only original BMW parts.

24/7 travel protection at no additional cost

Every Certified Pre-Owned BMW also comes with BMW Roadside Assistance coverage for 2 years with unlimited miles. It doesn't matter where you are in the 50 states, Canada or Puerto Rico, or what time of day it is, or what day of the year it is - BMW Roadside Assistance is just a toll-free call away.

Always someone there to help
BMW Assist can add confidence and convenience to your travels. This service, which is available on many late-model BMW vehicles, combines GPS location technology with hands-free wireless communications. With a push of a button, you can get emergency help, or even directions, traffic and weather information. The service also includes accidental lockout assistance.

Finance the Gebhardt BMW way
Traditionally, when you finance the purchase of a pre-owned or used vehicle, the process can be tedious and expensive. That's not the case with a Certified Pre-Owned BMW. BMW Financial Services NA, LLC (BMW FS) is an integral part of the Certified Pre-Owned BMW experience. That means you can finance your Certified Pre-owned BMW at an attractive rate, just as you can with a new BMW.